Women in Wireless Special Interest Group

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Women In CyberSecurity

June 14, 2018

6:00 – 8:00 pm

Location: Atlanta Tech Park

Women in CyberSecurity

It takes 20 years to build a reputation and a few minutes of cyber-incident to ruin it.” -Stephane Nappo

We live in a generation where an increasing number of devices used on a regular basis are connected to the internet. IoT has become a major concern for devices that allow intrusion because their purpose was never to ward off attackers. Anything connected to the internet can be used to aid an attack of a sophisticated invasion. All companies have the responsibility to implement controls to protect their own information and educating individuals daily on what it takes to be secure is Priority. It only takes one to open the doorway to a full data breach.

Join us in an engaging discussion with key professional women who have successfully navigated a career in Cybersecurity.

Women in Wireless events are intended for anyone who identifies as female. Men are welcome as guests of women in attendance.  All Wireless Technology Forum events are subject to our event policy as stated here. Additionally, Women in Wireless events are subject to our code of conduct.


Women creating a new generation of Female Technology Thought Leaders.


The mission of Women in Wireless is to connect, inspire, and empower women thought leaders in the wireless industry. This includes all innovative technology fields such as, but not limited to IoT, mobile, AR/VR, Smart Cities, CyberSecurity, Heathcare, FinTech, Retail Tech, Big Data, wearables, video and digital media.

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Women in Wireless Co-Chairs

Caroline Dunn, VP & Women in Wireless Co-Chair
Melissa Sorrentino, Co-Chair, Women in Wireless

Founding Members

Diane Estner, DANNI Enterprises
Alecia Bridgwater, MBA, Consumer & B2B Product Marketing Leader: Mobile, IOT & Wearables
Alesia Booth, CA-AM, Sales/Strategic Alliances/Global Channels
Elizabeth Simpson, Founder/Consultant at ESC Technology, LLC
Reina Lingle, CMO at Tier4 Advisors & Founder/Data Analyst at Social Matters Management, LLC
Britney Morgan, Youth Advocate |Tech CEO
Kayla Merritt, Digital Marketing, Arke Systems, LLC
Janine Whiteman PMP, IT Product Manager
Sabina Saksena, Founder/CEO at Cytilife, Inc. Building Smart Campuses. Entreprenuer AI and IoT
Charity Pulliam, CNN
Kit Johnson, Chief Revenue Officer and Co-Founder at PrivOps
Neeli G. Shah, Founder at The Law Offices of Neeli Shah, LLC

Service Project - Girls4Tech

Update: On March 24, 2018, we volunteered at Girls4Tech in partnership with GSMA & ChickTech. Middle and high school teens build their own Google Home voice assistants with Raspberry Pis.

Our service projects are aligned with our vision of creating a the next generation of Female Technology Thought leaders.

Code of Conduct for Women in Wireless

  1. Women empowering women. No sabotaging. No backstabbing. No drama.
  2. We are an inclusive organization, and accept all women that are fabulous regardless of age, race, or lifestyle.
  3. All ideas proposed will be assigned to the original proposer to lead and execute the idea.
  4. Women are welcome at all events, and men can attend if they are a guest of a female member.
  5. All members must actively participate in our events.
  6. No harassment, physical, emotional, or otherwise.
  7. We place the integrity of professional competence above our own interests.
  8. We act with integrity, competence, and respect.
  9. We collaborate and share relationships, ideas and knowledge beyond boundaries.
  10. We seek and integrate a diverse range of perspectives, people and ideas.